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Our service and provision are in line with the National & International legislation, and we give priority to meeting the requirements of the hiring company. In keeping with the company’s employee-focused philosophy, we believe that our employees’ contribution is very important. We aim to continually improve our people in all aspects to achieve high standards.


Our recruitment process is focused on providing qualified and competent seafarers through additional trainings. Securing a good crew is our mission. We pride ourselves upon the quality of crew we provide. A pool of qualified and well-trained seafarers is the legacy of this company.


We are determined to ensure the ongoing training and development of our crew in order to work with the highest level of awareness and safety at sea. We partner with GLORIOUS DAY MARITIME TRAINING CENTER to train seafarers’ development, upgrading and training of competent personnel in shipping. We offer a wide variety of generic and tailored courses to develop, upgrade and train groups or individual crew. We have a training center with experienced instructors to conduct comprehensive training in all aspects of seamanship. The certificates we provide assures quality and proficiency in respective areas.