about us

36 Power Marine Myanmar

36 Power Marine Myanmar Co., Ltd is an established company in Myanmar and lawfully registered at DICA (Directorate of Investment and Company Administration), Myanmar Seafarer Department (SD), and the Ministry of Transport.

Our Goal

Our goal is the long-term sustainability of our partners’ business by adding value to your vessel’s operations with quality and efficient services.

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Our Experience

We have the in-depth industry knowledge and over 30 years of working in the sector with our performance evidenced by renowned customers.

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Our Scope

Our scope of services has now broadened to incorporate client-focused crew recruitment and management services.

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Why Choose Us

36 Power Marine Myanmar

At 36 Power Marine Myanmar, meeting unique and specific customer requirements is our top priority. The flexibility to provide every client with an individual, bespoke solution and our willingness to go the extra mile is what we believe distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our clients are looked after by a designated team of experienced crew superintendents, responsible for appointing qualified seafarers to join the right vessels, managing crew changes, and handling critical communications including operational information.



Our service and provision are in line with the National & International legislation, and we give priority to meeting the requirements of the hiring company.

We partner with GLORIOUS DAY MARITIME TRAINING CENTER to train seafarers.

Development, upgrading and training of competent personnel in shipping

36 Power Marine Myanmar has developed upgraded and trained seafarers to reach international competency standards in shipping. We offer a wide variety of generic and tailored courses to develop, upgrade and train groups or individual crews.